Shenward Chartered Accountants: Our History

  • 1989


    Founded in 1989 by Rajeev Dewedi, Shenward LLP started out as Rajeev Accountants. Since its formation, the firm has been dedicated to providing exceptional client service.

    Over the years, the company has moved to larger premises and continued to expand its client base. The team has also expanded, introducing new partners with specialist skills and experience of working for Big Four firms.

    This has helped to grow the company into a multidisciplinary practice with a dedicated team of experts.

  • 1999

    Mrs Sarita Dewedi

    Soon the need arose for an additional partner to help share the increasing workload. In 1999 Mrs Sarita Dewedi joined the organisation to handle growing operations, marketing needs and grow the client base. Mrs Dewedi’s qualifications and experience helped Rajeev Accountants to expand the operations and add to the services portfolio.

  • 2006

    New premises

    With growing number of clients and reach, Rajeev Accountants moved to the new premises on Bolling Road, Bradford in 2006 to accommodate new team members, partners and associates and to facilitate clients.

  • 2016

    Sherad and Sonal Dewedi

    In 2016, two additional partners joined the practice; Sherad and Sonal Dewedi. Sherad joined the practice having acquired vast experience after working with a Big 4 firm. Soon after, Sonal joined the practice following her experience with leading accountancy firms. Once they had both joined, the practice was rebranded to be Shenward. Since Sherad and Sonal have joined the practice, they have both developed the firm and won a number of large clients.

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