Leading Independent Leeds Accountant

Shenward Chartered Accountants are based in Leeds city centre. Our team work with a mix of different clients, including those based in Leeds city centre and across the UK.

We can support your business with:

  • Audits and accounts
  • Tax
  • Consultancy
  • HR 
  • Payroll Service

Our experienced team is used to working towards your business objective to help you reach your business ambitions.

Leeds accountant that can help with your audits and accounts

We know businesses are constantly evolving, which means your needs and support can change too. We take a flexible approach that adapts based on your business needs. 

Our Leeds based advisors fully understand your business, your industry and can help identify your key stakeholders too. 

We carry out detailed audits of your significant processes and controls, which drive your financial results and disclosures. 

Our team can offer a variety of audits including; statutory, regulatory and internal audits.

We look to add value to your business by performing a detailed review of your business processes and by providing our expert opinion on any material weaknesses in your control environment through our management letter.

Leeds Accountant specialising in financial statements

We work with clients day in, day out on accounts preparation. Our team will look to analyse your financial records, prepare your financial statements, as well as making sure they remain compliant with accounting standards. 

We constantly communicate with our clients to help them fully understand their accounts and the resulting tax liability. We are happy to meet face-to-face in our Leeds office to help you understand your accounts, taking you through each step.

We are used to working with sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. We also work with non-trading entities such as charities, clubs and societies and pension schemes

Leeds Accountant who can assist with bookkeeping

We offer our clients a bespoke book-keeping service tailored to fit their business needs.

We collect all the receipts, bank statements, and other papers and make sure that they are filed correctly to meet the requirements of the HMRC and other interested parties. 

Our services are competitively priced. If you’d like to discuss how we can help, please head to your contact us page.