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Meet the Team: Manali Zaveri - Shenward

Meet the Team: Manali Zaveri

At Shenward, we are proud to have a team of talented professionals that enable us to deliver the best possible service to our clients. Our team is diverse, and we are proud to employ professionals from all walks of life.

This week, we caught up with Manali Zaveri, Chartered Accountant at our Bradford Office to find out more about her relocation to the UK from India, and what she gets up to on daily basis.


Talk to us about your role at Shenward

I work in the Bradford office. My role in the organisation is rather diverse and includes duties such as preparing the accounts; bank analysis, payroll & VAT reconciliation, tax returns for corporates, partnership firms, sole traders and individuals, as well as preparing management accounts, incorporation of companies, on-boarding of new companies, and company secretarial work.

The breadth of it is for a variety of clients that vary in size; from nurses, doctors, hotels, restaurants, care homes, to retailers, IT contractors, and those in the retail sector.

I have also been dealing with audits for larger care home-groups and also preparing assurance based reports that offer valuable input to companies for their mode of operations over the last 2 years.


What inspired you to pursue a career in accounting?

I first qualified as a Chartered Accountant in India. Pursuing a career in accounting was not a conscious choice, it was by chance, but I haven’t looked back since. I have always been good with numbers but had not planned to pursue a career in accounting until my sister encouraged me to fill out the entrance form for ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accounts of India).

However, post arriving in UK, I learnt that my ICAI qualification was not relevant here and that is when I decided to pursue advanced-level ACA from ICAEW, considering its affiliation with ICAI.


How have you found studying whilst working?

Studying whilst you are in a full-time job requires good time management and dedication to be successful in both. You need to be realistic about how to go about it and the fact that there is a need to make some compromises.

Fortunately, Shenward has been quite considerate and given me time off for my studies and given me hands-on experience with such a diversified clientele, which has been a major advantage in clearing my exams.

You came to England with your husband in 2017. What inspired you both to make the move?

My husband is an IT professional and had been stationed in the UK since 2015, which is before we even met. So, when we first met in India, it was a complete surprise that I would be moving to the UK. Immediately after our marriage in 2017, we moved to the UK and have since been enjoying the variety of life being married to an I.T. professional.


How have you found the UK compared to India?

The fact that I am born and brought up in India means it will always be my first love, but the UK is absolutely amazing. I love the natural beauty, cleanliness, open space, and the hospitality that the country offers. My travel experience of Scotland was beautiful; I felt as though I was in heaven. I still have many places to explore.

The one thing I do find difficult in England is the extreme weather, compared to standard annual weather in India. As far as work culture is concerned it is far more liberal and flexible in UK.


What is the best part about working at Shenward?

Working at Shenward is like being with an extended family. My colleagues and the company partners are very friendly and professional. The great thing is, our team is made up of people from various cultures & diversities, which allows us to learn about and appreciate each other’s culture.

Also, the partners are very ambitious when it comes to expanding the business. I see a good growth prospect for the company, as well for myself.


Tell us one thing that might surprise us about you?

I am a good cook (as certified by my husband) irrespective of whether it’s a sweet or savoury, Indian or continental dish. Also, my long-term wish is to run an NGO (Non-Profit/Governmental Organisation) and dedicate all of my time towards it.