The Accounting and Business Advisory Firm You Can Count On

The support you receive from your Accounting and Business Advisory firm is a critical element in your business’ journey to success. That’s why as a practice, we commit to being there for you when you need us – and when we think you need us too.

Our journey

To appreciate where you are, you have to recognise where you’ve come from and the journey to getting there. It’s an old saying, but we stay true to it each and every day here at Shenward.

Every business has a journey with milestones that each led to the next stage of their growth, and here’s ours.

Serving business across the globe

From starting as a small family Accountancy firm in Bradford over 30 years ago, we’ve grown to become a global practice with two northern offices, a team of over 25 professional services specialists and a client base spanning the world.

We’re proud to have supported a wide range of businesses across the UK, USA, Middle East and more during this time, solving some of their biggest issues and being a catalyst to their growth.

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Our approach

It’s a common situation that businesses have to chase their Accountants, only ever hearing from them when it’s time to file. Here at Shenward, we don’t believe in doing the bare minimum for our clients.

Sure, compliancy with HMRC and its deadlines is a must, but our view is that when a business engages an accountancy practice, they welcome a new arm of their business.  That’s why we take a proactive approach to the service we provide to our clients, giving them what they need for today, tomorrow and long into the future.

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How we make a difference

Every business should commit to making an impact outside of the services it offers. It could be volunteering, education, fundraising or career opportunities. Whatever the commitment, it’s the impact that counts.

As a team, we’re big on impact and that’s why we take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.

Here’s what we’re doing to make a difference.