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Shenward Future 70 - Shenward

Shenward Future 70

Future 70 Why…

In honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Shenward is pledging to create a better future for our younger generation with a new, Future 70 Manifesto.

Looking forward over the next 70 years, we have assessed what we can do to ensure the next generation lives in a sustainable environment, with the right education to create opportunities for them to flourish, both in the local community and in their career.

Our Manifesto

With the 70 for 70 mantra of the Queen’s 70 years of service in mind, we plan to do our bit over the next 70 hours, 70 days, 70 weeks and 70 months, hoping to make our mark on our local community.

70 hours

In 70 hours post Queen’s Jubilee, we’ve made a donation to cover the cost of planting 70 trees in collaboration with The Woodland Creation Initiative. The planting of the trees will help with efforts to capture carbon, increase habitats for local wildlife, increase biodiversity and create relaxing green spaces for local residents across the Leeds City Region.

70 Days

Over the next 70 days, the Shenward Team will create a series of worksheets to supply to local schools on money management. There is little education for children on how to manage money as an adult. Shenward believes in educating the younger generation about money management from a young age, so they can make responsible choices with their money as they mature into working adults.

The aim is to provide pupils with an insight into what money management involves as an adult, including everything from tax paying, to responsible saving.

70 Weeks

Shenward will provide 70 hours of technical training to aspiring accountants entering the sector. This will involve vital training on digital accounting to ensure we are creating a workforce of innovative accounting professionals. We have offered an internship to a local aspiring accountant.

70 Months

Over the next 70 months, Shenward will continue to reduce its carbon footprint, with a total reduction to hit 70%. By switching to LED lights and ensuring to switch off electricals when not in use, to switching to electric company vehicles, Shenward has a plan in place to rapidly reduce its carbon footprint within the next 70 months.

Want to get involved and make your own pledge? Get in touch below.