Our breadth of experience working with businesses based locally and nationally has enabled us to learn the intricacies of various industries. This enables us to provide timely and effective advice and solutions to the issues you may face.

Retail & Wholesale

The retail sector remains one of the most competitive business environments to operate in; and with rapid growth in marketing, sales and internet trading, we know retailers require more than just an accountant.  We have the specialist skills and awareness of the retail & wholesale industry and just how difficult it can be to generate a sustainable profit margin. Particularly online commerce has opened an opportunity but there are VAT implications to be aware – that’s where we can help and guide you.

Restaurants and Hospitality

We work with some of the leading restaurants, advising them on the important issues at hand such as VAT and PAYE.


British manufacturing is one of Britain’s proudest achievements however the outlook for the manufacturing sector continues to be challenging. Factors such as competition, interest and currency rates, access to finance, employment levels and training your workforce can be obstacles to achieve your objectives. Our team of experienced professionals can help you succeed in such challenging business environment.

Motor Industry

Understanding the sector and your business means we do more than ensure you keep up with your legal, financial and tax responsibilities. We ensure that you’re up to date with the current legislation so you can concentrate on what you know best.

Property and Construction

The property market is always grabbing the headlines. We have an acute awareness in all areas of residential and commercial property. Whether you are starting a property portfolio or you’re developing your existing portfolio, we can ensure that you keep up to date of any upcoming changes in legislation.

Professional Services

Professional services often have external reporting requirements to their professional bodies. We can ensure that you are fully compliant through transparent financial reporting.


In your business, you are most concerned with the healthcare of your residents. Give us the responsibility to look after the health of your business and our specialist accountants and tax advisors shall provide advice and solutions designed to meet the unique requirements and demands of the healthcare sector.


Charities aim to achieve a social purpose and they are highly regulated due to the accountability to the public. We have a detailed knowledge of the latest legislation governing the sector and will ensure that your accounting and reporting meet the latest regulatory requirements and complies with the latest SORP.


More and more people are choosing to operate through their own Limited companies, partly due to changes in corporate working practices but also because of the freedom, control and enjoyment that comes from being your own boss.

The fact that contractors, consultants and freelancers can command much higher daily rates of pay may also be an influencing factor, but surely this is only to be expected, bearing in mind the lack of holiday and sick pay, and the other additional benefits which are lost when moving from employment to contract work. If you are thinking of contracting through your own company, get in touch with us. You’ll be surprised how little time it takes and just how easy it is.