Each year on May 7th, World Laughter Day is celebrated. People from across the globe go the extra mile to make another laugh.

Because it’s a bit of a running joke that Accountants are, well, boring, in honour of World Laughter Day we’ve rounded up some of our favourite jokes about ‘boring Accountants’.

Go on, have a laugh.

Best Jokes About Accountants

Q: Have you heard the one about the fun accountant?

A:Me neither.

Q: How did the auditor propose to his girlfriend?

A: With an engagement letter.

Accounting is an accrual profession, where everyone works their assets off, and everybody counts.

Q: What do accountants suffer from that ordinary people don’t?


Q: Why was the accountant making so much noise when eating?

A: Because he was crunching numbers.

Q: Where do homeless accountants live?

A: In tax shelters.

Q: What did the accountant do when she got a new door?

A: Adjust her entry.

Q: Why do Accountants get cremated?

A: So they can get the urned income tax credit.

Q: Why did the accountant quit saving?

A: Because she lost interest.

Q: Did you hear about the deviant Forensic Accountant?

A: He got his client’s charges reduced from gross indecency to net indecency.

Best Accounting Puns

It’s accrual world.

Be audit you can be.

Let’s get fiscal.

Excel at everything you do.

Mind the GAAP!

Where there’s a will, there’s a tax shelter.

The pool was the only liquid asset they had.

Accountants don’t retire, they just close the books.

Being an Accountant is taxing.

Make every day account.

Got any of your own which you think should have made the list? Get in touch and let us know and we’ll add them.